About AOE

AOE was established over thirty (30) years ago and is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The market serving Operations Centers in Philadelphia and Malvern have a “hub and spoke” structured Distribution Center in Exton to support all local market and national operations. AOE is organized operationally to provide a full range of quality commercial furniture, architectural products and supporting services for the interior built environment.

Our uncommon reputation for client satisfaction comes from the ability to efficiently manage and coordinate all aspects of the commercial interior process. AOE understands that our value is in how we manage all deliverable elements of any project no matter the size. The description of AOE by many customers is, “competent, principled, professional and efficient” and remains grounding elements to our brand image. We have been focusing on one goal since the beginning - to be viewed by our customers as being one of their critical business relationships.

A great strategy is nothing without results.


AOE, a woman owned business, has placed a large focus on our commitment to diversity. Our commitment is founded in our core belief that true company success requires the inclusion of people from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.